Eiko Ishioka, incredible costume designer (1938-2012)

In particular, she designed costumes of Dracula (Coppola), the Cell, Immortals,….

More precisions about her work on wikipedia

The most talented and amazing costume designer, in my opinion.

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Art by the talented Xiaoran Pu.

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Cully Hamner design and style guides for Renee Montoya/The Question.

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Kyisha and Scout drawings done to entertain missgreeney and myself.

dat hair!




Terrance Houle: Urban Indian Series (2004), 

Born December 9, 1975, in Calgary. Lives and works in Calgary. In a practice that ranges from performance to photography to film and video works, Blackfoot artist Terrance Houle remakes the troubled history of colonialism and First Nations identity with a roguish wit and punk-rock edge. His strategy matches self-deprecating humour with an uneasy undertone; the results cut away at both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal notions of an urban Indian status quo. In his Urban Indian Series (2004), Houle is pictured grocery shopping, working in an office cubicle and riding public transit—all in elaborate powwow regalia.

In the performance video Friend or Foe (2010–11), he plays off cultural and historical gaps in communication while dressed in a loincloth and communicating by sign language.

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Interesting bit of comics news that I’m surprised I’ve heard absolutely no one besides my parents talking about, DC comics is slated to add a teenage Cree woman named Miiyahbin from Moosonee, Ontario to their Justice League United title. The writer, Canadian Jeff Lemire (of Essex County Trilogy and Sweet Tooth fame) said her character was inspired by the story of Shannen Koostachin, a 15 year old Cree activist who led a lobby for First Nations education and died in a car crash shortly before her 16th birthday. Wanting to do justice to her legacy Lemire has stated in interviews that he visited Moose Factory to talk to residents there about how they would like to see the character portrayed. (ie no beads, fringe, feathers, or loincloths) It’ll be interesting to see how this character falls in with the current lineup. I have to say I was skeptical when I first heard she was going to have nature based powers (it’s always nature based powers) but Jeff Lemire seems legitimately concerned with making something the community will be proud of.

Brightside: If they screw up despite his best efforts, at least the character exists so someone else could take a crack later. And exists, in general.

And that is just an absolutely lovely costume.



「妖魚」 鏑木清方

kiyotaka kaburaki

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