I’ve been reading old storylines because all this stuff gets brought up in fic and whatever, but I’ve never actually… read it. So here I am. Reading it. Right now I’m on “The Horsemen Of Apocalypse”, where Warren Worthington (the third) becomes Death and I learned two things:

1. I like New Mutants.

2. Unexpectedly the Power Pack not only participated heavily in this (in fact, they were what showed up when X-Factor was all IT”S NEW YORK, WHERE ARE THE OTHER HEROES), and wtf, the Power Pack were part of this.

So in the vein of my surprise, I present to you my fascination with what it looks like when a four year old (maybe she’s six? I can’t tell) has someone crushed to death out of their hands.

Don’t worry about her being too traumatized, immediately after they’re all excited because Cyclops treats them like professionals. That’s the good thing about kids.


Adult: “Hey, here’s some candy!”

Kids: “YAAAY”

I only tagged one of the power kids superhero names (they have eight billion) because ‘Molecula Mistress of Density’ is kind of the best.

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